Brakes in Central New York

Save your brakes!

Brakes in Central New York!

It’s October 9, 2017 in Syracuse, the “Salt City” of Central NY. Syracuse got that moniker from its earliest days in the 19th century when the salt mines were active and produced salt for much of the United States and Europe.

Salt, a very valuable commodity in the 19th century, was the backbone of the early economy of Syracuse. Flushed from beneath the ground by large pump houses, it was laid out in huge beds and yards where it was left to dry for harvesting. Those beds were just down the street from our shop. Recently, a 19th century pump-house from that industry was uncovered, also just down the street.

Today, SALT is still a very active commodity in and around the Syracuse metro area. Most recently, it’s not table salt, rather road salt that’s ubiquitous here in the Salt City! And, it has a huge effect on our roads, bridges and of course cars and trucks. Road salt is very caustic and corrosive to any metal surface. Here during the winter, combined with the snow and rain, it eats away at everything it contacts.

One of the most affected components is your brake system. Rotors rust, corrode and pit. Calipers and brake pads, as well, rust and freeze in their brackets, causing accelerated brake pad wear, and cause calipers to cease making your brakes drag and pulsate.

Over many years, we have learned here at DAVCO how to make your brakes last longer and stop better through all seasons. Brakes should last anywhere from 35K to 70K miles. More often than not, we found brakes lasting only 1-2 years or 15-30K miles due to the corrosive effects of road salt.

To address this problem and to assist our customers with cars that stop better, and to have brakes that last longer (as in 3-5years 35-70K miles,) we offer the Annual Brake Maintenance Service.

Best done in the Fall, we disassemble, clean, lube and inspect your brakes. We remove the rust, corrosion and treat your calipers, and pads with hi-temperature water and salt resistant lubricant.

We essentially do a brake job without the parts! This ensures your brakes will last much longer and stop better not only this winter but, throughout the rest of the year!

Your brakes will stop better, stop smoothly and last much longer (as much as 3X longer) when you have this service performed annually.

Now is the time to have it done! Before the snow begins to blow and the salt attacks your car’s brakes!

At $89.95 per axle you will have the peace of mind that comes with properly functioning brakes for many years to come. Give us a call for an appointment or just stop by! Thanks for listening!


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