Time Sure Flies!

It seems like only a few weeks ago we were in the dead of Winter! In fact, Summer is winding down and the NYS fair is in full swing!

If you are like me and the time has gotten away from you because of our short wet Spring or busy Summer, now might be a good time to turn your attention to your car and get it ready for Fall and the coming Winter! Do it before the kids go back to school and life gets super busy again!

We’ve got some pretty good specials to help you do just that! They’re running right now through the end of September.

Check out our semi-synthetic oil and filter service! Only $22.95 with a coupon from this website!

Or get ready for Fall and Winter with our Fall Car Care special! Only $119.95!! This service will prepare you for the cool days of Fall as well as that treacherous Central New York Winter ahead!

Both these services will help to keep your car running longer, and better, and help prevent costly breakdowns!

Central New York is one of the toughest climates for your car. Preventive maintenance is the key to not just maintaining your car, but keeping it on the road running well, both longer and more reliably!

If your car has a timing belt now is a good time to have it replaced before it fails and causes potentially thousands in otherwise unnecessary repairs!

Ask us if your car has a timing belt and when its recommended manufacturer’s service interval is!

A timing belt and associated components are a very important and an integral part of your car’s engine. It needs regular replacement anywhere between 60K -105K miles according to your car makers recommendation.

Ask us we can help!

Again, Thanks for listening!

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