Why you don’t want to wait!

How waiting can cost you BIG TIME!
So you’ve been hearing something different with your car. A noise maybe a clunking over bumps, maybe a squeal when you start it in the morning.

All common signs of a problem or maybe its nothing to be concerned about. Well, there is only one way to find out! Bring your car to a professional and have it checked. You hesitate, you hate bringing your car to a mechanic. They charge too much and you can never tell if they are ripping you off, right?

We hear that nearly everyday. No one likes to spend money on their car! We get it! Especially if you feel you can’t afford it right now.

It’s the middle of winter and, you just hope and pray you make it through a few more weeks until your tax refund comes back.
Spring is just a few months away!

We get it. We’ve been there too! Problem is waiting will likely cost you more if you have a needed repair!

Did you know the average ball-joint is $150 installed? But, If you wait and that CLUNKING OVER BUMPS continues until the joint breaks, it will cost you more, much more! On average about $1100. Then you may need a ball joint, control arm, tie-rod, steel brake line, caliper, spindle, even a fender or fenderwell are common results! Not to mention, the SCARE of your life when the front wheel buckles under the car and you lose your steering!

Don’t wait Save your money get it fixed now!

We are here to help. We are expert at determining what’s making the noise and fixing it correctly the first time! Saving you money and giving you peace of mind with our 2yr 24,000 mile nation wide warranty. We offer extended credit terms through NAPA’s EASY PAY PLAN! No interest if paid in full within 6months!

So you need not shell out anything today! With approval on the NAPA easy pay plan you can wait for your tax refund and pay it off when that comes in! Note: minimum monthly payments are required. See us for details!

So don’t put it off any longer get it done now! Have it checked, maybe it’s nothing to worry about or a simple inexpensive repair!
Bring it to the professionals that know and care at Davco Performance!

We know your car! We will get to know you too!

Thanks for listening!


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